Top Tips for Creating a Cluster Wall

What could be better than displaying all your favourite artworks in your home? Displaying them all at once! Here are a few top tips to make sure you don’t stuff it up.


Six tips when designing your very own cluster wall

1. Where? Decide where you will create your feature wall at home (ideally somewhere in a main room rather than a hallway or smaller room, so that you have plenty of space and enough opportunity to enjoy the feature)


2. What? Mix things up with a combination of original art, prints and photographs. Be inspired by sites like Blacklist and


3. What colour? Decide on the colour scheme you would like for the feature wall (consider the existing colours you see in the room, and aim to match some colours. The easiest place to start is with colours that match the walls, and large pieces of furniture). Another easy way to get colours right is stay with white, black, grey and neutrals.


4. How big? Set out to find a combination of small to medium sized artworks which can be a combination of landscape or portrait layouts.


5. Which frames? Choose a colour (or a few colours) for your art frames. Neutral, white or black are usually the easiest to incorporate in to your feature.


6. How? Consider laying your chosen pieces out on the floor to get the placement right before hanging them on the wall. To start, hang your first piece with the centre of the artwork at 57 inches (145 cm) from the floor, and then build out from there aiming to keep a similar distance between each artwork.

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